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it247nw is recognised as one of the leading IT support services providers across the UK and Ireland. it247nw provides customers with a complete IT support solution delivering around the clock maintenance, installation and integration support across a wide range of data systems.

Their service is the best I have come across in the last 15 years

Dan McVerry


Advantages installing an SSD over HDD

Do you know the advantages in upgrading your hard drives to solid state drives?   Solid State Drives (SSD) have reduced in price over the years and we are seeing more and more users upgrading their hardware. The benefits to the SSD are: They’re Faster – without moving parts, SSD’s aren’t just must faster, they’re ready to go when you are, meaning faster boot times (10 seconds ish) faster application loading times and the overall system responds better. More Efficient – since they have no moving parts they don’t need as much power to operate, meaning longer battery life on your laptop, we can also fits these into Desktop PCs with a simple SSD bracket. Easy to Install – we can simply clone your old hard drive to the new one – without loosing data or user settings Call 01772 369247 for more...

Windows 10 Upgrade?

Upgrade to Windows 10?   Windows 10 is free to download for a few more months yet, but do you really want to upgrade your device? You need to be aware that Microsoft have changed a few settings on the upgrade, therefore it could Upgrade to Windows 10 without you agreeing to it. If you don’t want Windows 10 please follow these setups:- Step One Click on the start menu at the bottom left of your screen and type Windows Updates, and select the option as shown in the screenshot.                         Step Two In the options on the left hand side select Change Settings             Step Three Drop down the box under Important Updates and set to – Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them Changing these settings will then stop the automatic installation of Windows 10 to your machine.     In future when prompted about Windows Updates, you can then go through the important updates manually and untick the option for Windows 10. From the Windows Update screen, click on the text that says Important Updates Available (There could be any number of these)     Once on this screen it will list the updates available. To make sure Windows 10 does not install, you need to either: Untick – Update for Microsoft Windows (KB3035583) Or Right click on Update for Microsoft Windows (KB3035583) and click Hide Update       Either way, if you would like to upgrade to Windows 10 or not, please give...

IT Support Testimonial

Ryan and his team at IT247NW are an invaluable part of our business infrastructure. After relocating our Finance office over 3 years ago, Ryan set up our networks over 2 sites. As we have developed and added to our IT systems and software, Ryan has always been available to ensure our systems work correctly, and when we have had issues, they have always been resolved very quickly and efficiently. Ryan has also worked directly with our suppliers when necessary to ensure the correct technical solutions have been implemented for us. I met several IT suppliers (of which Ryan was one), having been let down on several occasions by our previous IT person, and have not been disappointed since engaging Ryan and his team as our “IT Department”. I highly recommend IT247NW, Ryan and his team for their approachable, reliable, straight forward and consistently excellent service and IT support. I hope to continue working with them for many years to...