Firewall & Security Support

Do you have the correct firewall & Security packages in place?

With more and more companies selling products and services online now you need to make sure your up to date with the relevant security, we have been to so many new customers and this hasn’t been the case.


You need to make sure you have the following in place:-


Make sure you have a professional anti virus program, the free ones you can download online are FREE for a reason, they can lack on features that the paid ones have.

Make sure you have a firewall in place, most routers now come with an in built firewall that block all the relevant ports but it’s alway a good idea to make sure your windows firewall in enabled and working correctly

One last thing, make sure you have all the latest windows updates, windows releases these every Wednesday and sometimes these releases include patch fixes for windows.


If you would like to discuss your security requirements please contact our team on 01772 369 247