Device Tracking Software Released

Anti Theft Software Released

Keep track of your devices

  1. We can track all your devices from one place.
  2. GPS tracking makes finding your devices easy
  3. Use this feature if the device is stolen or just misplaced
  4. Dashboard shows accurate location of device based of nearby Wifi Signals



Send alerts to a device remotely

  1. Send an alarm to the device for a specified length of time
  2. Show a message on the screen over any windows or apps
  3. Particularly useful to send across warnings, and details for returning the stolen property


Keep Confidential information safe

The second way we can do this, is to wipe the information from the device. This will:

  1. Remove data from My Documents including desktop items, photos, and any other files stored here
  2. Also deleted is the app data for browsers such as IE, Chrome and Firefox. This is the folder which stores information for Websites such as usernames and password, and browser history


If you would like more information on this software please contact 01772 369247