Internet Problems Lancashire

Do you have internet connection problems?


At IT247 North West we deal with broadband problems on a weekly basis for business and home users in Lancashire, so we know what most of the problems are which means a quick support preston

Most common problems:-

  1. Incorrectly installed or faulty micro filters
  2. Slow connection speeds
  3. Intermittent broadband connection
  4. Problems with the phone line itself – BT Sockets
  5. Poor upload speeds


When you encounter internet problems you automatically think to call your internet problem, the technician on the line will take you through various steps you need to take to rectify the problem.

In the event this doesn’t work they will insist on one of their engineers to visit your home / office for a fee of £100+VAT even if the problem isn’t resolved.

Here at IT247 North West we offer a FIX NO FEE POLICY, if we can’t fix or find out what the problem is we don’t charge.

Our charge is a one off fee of £69.00+VAT = £82.80 inc VAT

If you would like more information on this please call our office on 01772 369 247 or complete the email form to the right of this page.